Carefree and Effortless Styling on Your Wedding Day

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Wedding Day Dressing & Detailing is a fully customized service for your wedding day.

We serve as your personal assistant on the biggest day of your life.
But the best part, we’re EXPERTS in making sure your outfit and your photos look divine!


  • Final Bridal Gown Fitting Attendance to learn the intricacies of your dress, including how to bustle her

  • Steaming All Bridal Party Outfits like the bridal and bridesmaids’ gowns, groom and groomsmen’s tuxedos, and other VIP guests

  • Minor Outfit Malfunction Quick Fixes - every party has a mishap

  • Personal Dressing Assistance to ensure all outfits are worn as intended, the dress is zipped without a hitch, girls’ dresses are worn correctly, bowties are tied properly, you name it!

  • Help with Styling Attire Detail Shots including your dress and accessories, bridesmaids’ dresses, Old/New/Borrowed/Blue accessories, groom and groomsmen’s accessories

  • Help with Styling Couple, Bridal Party, and Family Portraits - getting hair out of your eyes, fluffing your dress so it lays perfectly, reminding the gals to drop their bouquets from in front of their pretty faces and the guys to keep their legs together!

  • Carrying your gown so you have both hands free to hold your bouquet and hubby’s hand

  • Perfecting your dress prior to your walk down the aisle

  • Attaching and removing your veil at just the right moments

  • Bustling before for the reception

  • Help with using the restroom

  • Help with changing into an after party outfit

  • Receiving outfits shipped by out of town couples or bridal party attendants

  • Packaging and delivering the bridal gown for preservation

  • And generally just an extra set of hands before and during your wedding, etc.

100 ways our wedding day dressing & detailing service makes your big day stress free

What our Brides had to say about our Wedding Day
Dressing & Detailing Service

Hiring us will ensure you are taken care of all day

“I first heard of the wedding day-of service when buying my bridesmaids dresses through this fabulous shop! I wasn't sure what all was included in the package, all I knew is my mother and maid of honor wouldn't have to bustle my dress, but it was so much more than that!

She made sure all the dresses were steamed (mine and the bridesmaids) and she was there to help with any minor inconvenience or issue with the dresses. Tanya comes in and quietly makes sure all the details are present for the photographer and for that I needed to wear. She also helps with styling the photographs which made for quick and efficient photo taking! Tanya also calls you a week in advance to go through every detail of the wedding and what you might be missing for the day. We went through all the small details and she was able to let me know what I might be missing. I felt like we had known each other forever and it was so nice having her help throughout the day! She is someone you want on your wedding day and you are missing out if you don't take advantage of this incredible service!”


The real highlight of working with Gilded Social, however, was truly the day of detailing service. When Tanya first told me about this service, I really didn't think it was "necessary" and was on the fence for a long time about this extra expense. I wasn't 100% sold on needing this when I already had a wedding planner. In the end, I decided I would rather have it booked even if everything went perfectly than to regret not booking if a wardrobe emergency came up.

Let me tell you- booking this service is something I would do over and over again for my wedding. Tanya brought my wedding dress to our hotel for me (and even came early to make sure the pride parade didn't hold anything up!), hung up and steamed my dress & all the bridesmaids and moms dresses, helped me get dressed, fluffed my dress for photos, and made sure my bouquet was down in photos. But- that is just the beginning of everything she did on my wedding day. She went so above and beyond! 

Truly- this service is one of a kind and I would book it all over again. She made me feel so special and went above and beyond to make sure everything went perfectly. Tanya, thank you so much for everything!"


If you're considering using Gilded Social for any part of your wedding process, definitely do!! Having Tanya & Emily be a part of our wedding day with the day of dressing & detailing service made it 1000% less stressful & allowed us to enjoy the day, focusing on being present with everyone.
From our initial call & meetings leading up to the big day Tanya gave us so much knowledge & helpful tips on being best prepared for the weekend while ensuring she has all the information she needed from us to ensure our day was seamless. She helped me decide on the best bustle for my dress & attended my final dress fitting as well where she took my dress to carefully store & prepare it for its big debut & brought it with her the morning of the wedding.I would definitely not think twice about having Tanya be a part of our wedding day again. If you're looking for a wonderful & stress-free day, hiring her for her day of dressing services should be first on your wedding planning checklist!


Words cannot express enough how thankful I am that my mom booked this one. Tanya was my rock all day. She put on my veil, snipped away spare bits of thread on my dress, helped the groom with finishing touches, made sure my dress was perfect for each shot, bustled my dress, and had just about everything you could dream of in that lil' belt bag of hers (bobby pins, extra makeup, magic erasers, oh my!). I'm sure I'm missing things--she was truly everywhere I needed her all day.


The must-have service is the bridal styling on the day of the wedding! I can’t say enough good things about having Tanya there as an extra set of hands and eyes. Having everyone’s dresses steamed and ready go was a huge help and allowed people to have more time to relax and enjoy the morning. She helped with flowers, carrying my train, bustling, etc. so that my mom and maid of honor could also enjoy the day! After pictures I had no idea how wrinkled my dress would be, and she was able to steam it at the venue before I walked down the aisle. We had a groomsman rip his pants, a groomsman spill on his shirt, and a bridesmaid with a strap come undone - all before the ceremony. But Tanya was there to fix ALL OF IT!! Without safety pins!! She had a sewing kit with the appropriate thread colors on hand - literally ready for anything! Her services are well worth every penny! I honestly don’t know what we would have done without her and what the stress level would have been if she wasn’t there to help! As a bride, she will have your back that day for anything and everything you will need - allowing the rest of your bridal party to enjoy!! If you’re on the fence about hiring her, DO IT! You will not regret it!! 

Tanya was there for me throughout the craziness of planning a wedding during a pandemic, and provided so much knowledge and insight that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. She asked me a lot of questions and really helped me to be more organized with my vendors.

I also utilized Tanya's Day of Dressing Service. She helped to style my dresses and accessories for pictures (her store is amazing for this), she made sure that my dress was always lying correctly along with my veil. She helped to carry my dress and veil during pictures so my MOH didn't have to worry about it. Tanya came to my final dress appointment to make sure she understood how to bustle my dress-- this took the pressure off of my mom and sister after the ceremony and pictures. They could mingle with guests and enjoy a cocktail! My photographers are AMAZING - but she is an extra set of hands and eyes to quickly move about for hair fixes or dress adjustments between photos. I would not hesitate to use Gilded Social!


Wedding Day Dressing & Detailing Questions

You bet! We can calculate a travel fee when we discuss your package needs.

Our initial consultation includes a brief review of your wedding timeline, bridal party logistics, what vendors you have contracted, and what photos are on your must-have list.

Based on this discussion, we’ll figure out exactly how many hours of service you require.

You bet! We’ll touch base with your planner or venue coordinator and photographer prior to your wedding to make sure we’re all on the same page with who is responsible for what.

We can build in an assistant or additional time to your package based upon where you two are getting ready.