Wedding Day Content Creation

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This service is offered as a signature add on to our Wedding Day Dressing & Detailing service

We will get all the behind the scenes good stuff AND make sure it's shared in real time on your wedding day.


Some content creation has always been included with our Wedding Day Dressing & Detailing service, just because it comes second nature to us.  Our WDD&D couples always receive the following GRATIS: BTS iphone content delivered to you right after the wedding + BTS reel posted in collaboration with the bride within 2 days.

But, now we’ve upped the ante to officially offer additional wedding day content creation services so no bride has to choose between a wedding day stylist or content creator.

Our add on stands out even amongst other content creators with our unique takeover feature.

We will takeover your Instagram account on your wedding day so the absolute BEST content is shared directly on YOUR IG stories.

No resorting to reposting low quality random guest stories.

No out of context photo and video.

No paying for content to only be shared on your vendors’ profiles.

Just all of the good stuff for your guests and followers to view who aren’t necessarily with you all day on your BIG day.

And, like other content packages out there - you’ll get 5 additional reels from your content that we plan ahead of time. I can post those for you, too!

The more time you add on, the more BTS to your stories and reels to relive the moment you’ll get.

100 ways our wedding day dressing & detailing service makes your big day stress free

What our Brides had to say about our Wedding Day
Dressing & Detailing Service

And now get all the behind the scenes in real time with our Content Creation add on

“Whether you are booking Tanya for wedding day styling or an appointment at Gilded Social to find your dream dress, you will be in good hands. I knew I had to book Tanya’s wedding day styling services. I can't stress this enough, she saved the day SO many times! I had hired a wedding planner, and having Tanya was still absolutely necessary! She communicated well with all vendors, making the experience ahead of time super simple. Tanya arrived the morning of the wedding to steam and prep all dresses. She had kept my 2 dresses stored because I did not have any room to store them myself. She brought two mannequins to display my dresses on for photos which was absolutely amazing to see! She went with us to the first look to help with my veil, she had everything to help in emergencies (fashion tape, wipes, deodorant, mints, you name it). She helped the entire wedding party with their dresses/suits, told the groomsmen which button to have undone, etc. Basically everything you do not want to think of/stress about as a bride, she had covered! The wedding day would not go as smooth as it did without Tanya. I truly cannot express how amazing of a job she did at my wedding. If you made it this far, you might as well just book her!!”

- OLIVIA, Edited for Length

"I booked Tanya for her bridal day styling services. I needed someone in my corner to help me and make sure everything was in place. My dress was made out of several layers of soft tulle and was finnicky about being fluffed. From the first phone call, I could tell Tanya was a bridal/wedding expert. She is a true professional that is so passionate about her work. We met the week before when I dropped my gown off for steaming, and she brought it with her to my venue. That alone was a lifesaver - just one less thing to worry about. When I arrived, my gown was already steamed and on the mannequin and my photographer was already getting detail shots. Tanya's nemesis throughout pictures were the seemingly millions on leaves that were getting caught in my hem!!! I don't know how many she had to get out...they were truly enemy number 1! I also noticed a huge difference between photos where I had Tanya to style me and after she left post-ceremony. My sunset photos have leaves galore in my hem, and my poor photographer did his best to fluff my dress, but my floral appliques just aren't *quite* placed correctly. I just thought it was interesting that I NOTICED the difference, and I would have regretted it for our more formal photos. My dress just wouldn't have looked it's best, and I would've had a panic attack without Tanya to look to when I was being rushed around. I would recommend her for any of her services because she is a genuine, passionate person and truly goes above and beyond for every bride she works with!"

- SARAH, Edited for Length

"I truly cannot imagine getting married without Tanya and Gilded Social by my side. I used Gilded Social for day-of detailing and wedding dress preservation and it was WORTH EVERY PENNY. The Gilded Social team helped my bridesmaids (12 of them across 4 states) order their chosen dresses in the appropriate sizes. Meanwhile, Tanya spent time on the phone with me reassuring me during a moment of “dress regret”, walked me through the best way to apply bust tape for my dress shape (and let me come into the shop so she could practice for the big day), and collected items to bring to my wedding so I would have a few less things to remember. On my wedding day (also her own wedding anniversary!) Tanya did a superhuman amount of work. She steamed my wedding dress, my cathedral length veil, 12 bridesmaid dresses, 4 flower girl dresses, MOB’s dress, fixed a tuxedo mishap, placed a bunch of sentimental items so I wouldn’t have to remember, taped my bust into my wedding dress, made sure my dress and veil looked perfect in all my photos, held my bouquet when it got heavy, among a trillion other things. Without having to do those things, me and my bridal party were able to enjoy each others company and bask in the joy of our day! As my mom put it: “It’s so nice to have someone on your team who does everything perfectly.” But beyond just the fabulous work she did, Tanya is an amazing person, inspirational business owner, and now a treasured friend. I am so lucky to have been able to work with her and spend so much time on the happiest day of my life with her."

 - LESLIE, Edited for length

"Tanya went above and beyond to create a personalized experience, making the process enjoyable and stress-free. I had been to numerous shops and felt no one was understanding what I was looking for. Once I contacted Tonya, we texted back and forth and she totally understood my vision. While she didn’t have a similar dress in stock, she special ordered a dress and it was perfect! It was the dress I ended up choosing and we were able to add the small details that I was looking for in my dress. The attention to detail and excellent customer service truly set them apart. I found my dream dress, and their expertise made the entire journey memorable. Highly recommend this Gilded Social for brides. We used GS seamstress, Mary Ellen, who was also fantastic. So great and accommodating and always quick with a fix! 3 days before my final dress fitting she was able to take the dress in another inch just in time for the perfect fit. Lastly, we also hired Tanya for day of service. Again, she made the day seamless. From steaming all the bridesmaids dresses, perfecting my dress and look, to being by my side through all the work photos, it made the day so easy. She even saved the day with water and day-of necessities. Highly recommend this addition of services as it made the day so much easier on the bridal party and bride."


"I highly recommend Gilded Social and working with Tanya to find your dream wedding dress! From the moment I started working with Tanya I knew we were in amazing hands. Gilded Social was the only store in Columbus that had the EXACT dress I was looking for. Tanya helped me find the most perfect veil too. In addition to the fabulous experience in finding my dress, Tanya was also there on my wedding day to steam my dress, fix any last minute dressing emergencies, ensure that my dress looked perfect at all times and just be the best all around to have on hand. After my wedding, I also got my dress preserved and can’t recommend ALL of this enough. Not enough words to tell you how much I recommend going to Gilded Social to shop for your dress but to also work with Tanya for the rest of your wedding dress needs!"


"I couldn’t have imagined my wedding without the outstanding service provided by Tanya. Initially, Tanya assisted me in selecting a dress that not only matched my vision but also stayed within my budget. Once I received my dress I realized my initial choice was not what I wanted. Tanya's professionalism and attentiveness quickly turned the situation around. She efficiently helped me find a replacement gown that I felt completely comfortable in. On the big day Tanya went above and beyond to ensure everything was perfect. She was the first one there to steam my dress to perfection. Her assistance extended beyond just making sure the dress looked flawless. Some examples are she helped keep my dress straps from slipping off my shoulders, putting on my shoes, and driving me to the venue. When it was time for the reception, Tanya's skill in bustling my dress efficiently allowed me to move freely and enjoy the rest of the night. Overall, my experience at Gilded Social Bridal Shop was nothing short of exceptional, largely due to Tanya's dedication and expertise."

Content Creation Questions

As an add on to our Wedding Day Dressing & Detailing service, it starts at just $350.

The starting add on package includes an Instagram takeover on your wedding day plus 5 reels.  The more time you add, the more reels you get, plus you can request certain reels/TikToks to be made from footage of the day.

I'm so glad you asked - very different! We would NOT recommend you hiring a content creator instead of these vendors. They are the experts at getting high quality footage of your wedding that you can view and watch for a generation!  Our BTS footage is more for in the moment sharing NOW.

Because honestly, we just can't bear to see a wrinkled dress on your wedding day. It's bad for our look haha. Plus, you want us there to make sure everything looks perfect in that content, too! 

The Instagram takeover is definitely what sets us apart. We want to make sure that your story is told in the moment, and there's no better way to do that than post as the day goes!  That way your guests who aren't with you every moment or even friends and followers watching from afar can feel like they're with you.

Prior to your wedding, we'll coordinate log in details, which phone we're using for the takeover, and discuss any detail you do or do not want shared. Then we'll prep a vendor list ahead of time so that all of your vendors can repost your day, too!

Duh - I'm happy to stay as long as you'd like.  The more hours you add on, the more reels/TikToks you get - so the sky is the limit!

Absolutely.  When you book even our standard add on package, you can request whatever you want!  We'll make sure that we have enough time to get your request filmed when we work through all the details.