Storage, Shipping, Receiving, and Travel Preparation Concierge Services

it’s all that in between that you never think about!

Climate Controlled Storage at Just the Right Height

We’ll hang that dress for you until the moment you need it

If you don’t have a closet tall enough to keep your gown stored perfectly, or if you just want to make sure someone doesn’t spoil the surprise, consider storing your gown with us!

Our storage options are insured, climate controlled, and at just the right height.

Plus, storing the gown on our racks will minimize what’s needed to alter or prep the gown when the time comes. Squishing it inside a closet with the bottom pooled and smashed just shouldn’t cut it.

Whether between your “Meet the Gown” moment and alterations or after alterations until the big day - we can help you make that in between storage time ultra convenient!


Your Personal Shipping Concierge

We’ll ship anywhere FedEx delivers

We can coordinate shipping your garments to anywhere in the world! We use FedEx for all of our shipping concierge packages and are able to closely monitor and track their status with our expert logistics team.

Here are just SOME of the reasons you may want Gilded Social to ship your garments for you:

  • Getting married at a destination and don’t want to carry the garments on the plane or in your car?
  • Traveling extensively before the wedding so you’d rather just have it arrive when you need it?
  • Don’t know how to pack or have a box/suitcase big enough to arrive in the best shape possible?
  • Just want someone else to coordinate all of the details of shipping and tracking?
  • Did your plans change and you need to get the gown from Columbus to your new location?

Receiving Your Garments at Gilded Social

Better than shipping to someone’s house or a random fedex location

One of the best reasons for having your gown shipped to us is we are totally prepared to help with what’s next - getting into alterations, steaming and preparing the garments for the wedding, storing them until the big day, you name it!

Here are just SOME of the reasons you may want to ship your garments to Gilded Social:

  • Did you buy your gown outside of Columbus and need someone to receive the package when it ships? We can schedule a try on for you when it arrives so that you can get all the help you need from an expert stylist.
  • Are you from out of town and getting married in Columbus and need to ship your gown or garments ahead of time but don’t have anywhere to send them to?
  • Just want someone else to coordinate all of the details of tracking and receiving the package?
Expert Travel Preparation and Packing for your Bridal Gown

Let us do the packing

Shipping or traveling with an expensive wedding gown can be a daunting task. But we do it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

That said, we’re fully equipped and prepared to pack your precious gal so she arrives in the BEST possible shape she can. We’re also pretty seasoned travelers at Gilded Social - including even with multiple bridal gowns in tow, so we’ve tried it all!

  • Want us to pack her in your own suitcase? We can do that!
  • Want us to pack her with tissue and a bust form for traveling in a garment bag? We can do that!
  • Don’t have a suitcase big enough, don’t want to carry her on, and need to check her? We’ll pack her in a box and wrap it with twine so you can check her to your final destination.


Jenna had her bridesmaid dress shipped to Mexico using our Shipping Concierge Service

When you just need a pro to get your dress from one place to another

The scheduling and rescheduling of weddings in 2020 and 2021 made it so many bridesmaids were at different stages in their lives than when they originally intended to be in their best gal’s wedding!

After waiting more than a year for the real deal, Jenna found herself needing to get her dress sent to Mexico without anyone to help her really do that! So, her dad dropped the dress off to us and we took care of all the rest - packing, shipping, customs, tracking, etc. And it arrived perfectly!