Gilded Social Bride

Rachel Ickes Sledz

Gilded Social Bride
The Story

The Story

Like a laser, Rachel knew exactly the dress she wanted. The dress was classic, elegant, timeless -  perfect for the American Club - BUT was priced just a bit above what Rachel wanted to spend. 


As luck would have it, we were getting ready to move on from that designer, so I offered Rachel a deal. If she still wanted to try her on, I would sell her the sample for inside her budget. It was in mint condition so this was a steal.  See - it pays to be totally honest with your stylist about what you need to say YES! You just never know til you ask.


But then we realized that a smaller size would be a better fit. So I worked out a way to order the dress in her size and still get closer to her budget than the original retail price.  We’re in the business of YES, so if it can be done - count on us to find a way! 

The skirt was large and in charge, so after alterations, we needed to gameplan how she’d get the dress to Wisconsin for the wedding. We talked through all her options, and she opted to purchase a seat for her dress to have ample space to fly there. So I packed her dress neatly to fit, giving her all the tips I’d learned over the years about traveling with a big ol’ gown, too, and she was off! And my goodness if it wasn’t the most classic, elegant, and timeless weekend we’ve ever seen! Perfectly, perfectly Rachel. 

The Look

The Look


Pilar by Amsale

The Vendors


Christy Tyler Photography



Hello Darling Films



The American Club at Golf Kohler



Wide Eyed Brides



Diane Mccusker Florals



The Prep

The Review

“Tanya was amazing to work with. The upfront call made me so comfortable walking in that we had aligned on my vision for my dream dress. Tanya’s shop is so charming and Granville is the cutest town. I ended up purchasing the first dress I tried but Tanya took the time to encourage me to try others on before committing to the dress. After the appointment she was on top of any questions I had and offering so many tips and advice I would have never thought of. I worked with Mary Ellen through Gilded Social and Tanya was at both appointments which was super reassuring. My dress was such a dream and the whole process was so great and I would definitely recommend brides to look at Gilded Social.”