Your Gown Can't Wait to Meet You!

Photo Credit: The Malicotes


YAY!  Your dress has arrived!  And she is FABulous.

We know that this can be an UBER exciting moment for you and your #gildedtribe, so we offer a number of different Meet the Gown appointment options to help you celebrate or complete your look!  Appointments are hosted at our Gahanna studio!

Please note, we do not allow surrogate pick ups. If you are unable to pick up your own gown, you must have it shipped to you or stored until you can pick her up.

Our Meet the Gown appointment options

  • Old Fashioned Pick Up - just in and out!
    • 30 minutes, Bride + up to 3 guests
  • Complete the Look - shop for a veil, hair piece, jewelry, or other accessory in your ACTUAL dress!
    • 90 minutes, Bride + up to 3 guests, add on bubbles and sweets for $60

  • Gown Reveal - do you want to celebrate with a TOAST when you meet this gorgeous gal? Or did you have VIPs who couldn't be with you when you shopped? During a celebratory Gown Reveal, we'll provide bubbles and sweet for your WHOLE crew, plus you'll get a little extra time to get to know your dress! 
    •  45 minutes, Bride + up to 12 guests, $15 per person ($60 minimum)


Once we receive your appointment request, we will email you with a selection of dates/times we have available depending on your appointment type.


Please include yourself/the Bride!
Let us know which of these options you're interested in discussing during your Meet the Dress appointment!
We highly recommend that you pick up your gown so that we can address any fit or garment issues before the gown leaves the store. Once the gown leaves the store, there is little, if anything, we can do. If you are not able to pick up in person within the 21-day window, please select one of the following options. Terms and conditions listed on the original order receipt.

Bridal Pick Up Appointment Policies

  • We ask that appointments that must be canceled of rescheduled be done so at least 24 hours ahead of time. No shoes will be charged a $50 non-refundable no show fee.
  • Be sure to confirm your appointment via our automated text system! Appointments that are not confirmed by the time we open on the day of your appointment (hours listed below) may be asked to reschedule.
  • Due to the nature of our schedule, appointments that arrive more than 15 minutes after their designated start time may be asked to reschedule. We want to be sure you get the full experience!
  • We accept cancellations via our automated text system or direct communication (email, phone call, or text) from the person who booked the appointment. We do not accept cancellations via social media or third parties; these appointments will not be canceled and are subject to our no show fee.