Gilded Social Bride

Julie Donatelli Parry

Gilded Social Bride
The Story

The Story

Julie was dreaming of Salvan by Rosa Clara, but it cost more than she wanted to spend. She then found Preciosa by Aire Barcelona that looked like Salvan, so she booked an appointment just to try her on. Unfortunately, Preciosa wasn’t part of my regular collection OR available on loan. SO, I borrowed yet another very similar style from the designer and we tried that  instead. She felt it immediately, said YES, and completed her look with a gorgeous combination of custom hair pieces by Cori Lynn Co. 


Two months later, I got a call. She was still dreaming of Salvan. Dress regret calls are the worst. They literally make me want to shrivel up inside. So if there’s a way I can help a bride get through it, you better believe that I’m going to do whatever it takes.


She decided that she just HAD to try Salvan to be sure. As luck would have it, it ALSO wasn’t available on loan. So my rep asked another store owner on my behalf if I could borrow her store’s sample, and she graciously agreed to loan it to me for 24 hours so Julie could know for sure.


So on that fateful Wednesday, Julie became one of the very FEW brides who visited both our Buxton Inn pop up AND the new space in Granville. She put Salvan on and immediately started tearing up. “This is my dress,” she said. It was her second round of FIRST DRESS MAGIC but really we both knew it should have been this one all along.


To help with the already overwhelming feeling of dress regret expense, I offered to consign Preciosa for her. And before Salvan even arrived, I had already found the perfect #GildedBride for Preciosa. As an out of town bride, she loved being able to take her dress in hand that day! Win win win all around.

The Look

The Look


Salvan by Rosa Clara


Hair Pieces

Custom Luna Halo & Sparrow Pins by Cori Lynn Co.

The Vendors


Nathan Moreau Photography



Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake


The Review

“Tanya and her team at Gilded Social went above and beyond to help me find my dress, not once, but twice!  I had a change of heart with the first dress and Tanya moved mountains to find my perfect dress.  I had the most lovely experience and highly recommend this dress shop.”