100 Ways our Wedding Day Dressing & Detailing Service Makes Your Big Day Stress Free

What is it that makes our Wedding Day Dressing & Detailing Service so special?


 Well, let us count the ways! One HUNDRED to be exact. And believe us, this list is not exhaustive.

We are the experts in garment wear and care, so let us help you rock your most IMPORTANT gown EVER! We’ll make sure that everyone else looks spectacular, too.

Our experience with these gowns every day makes our ability to help you get dressed and take flawless photos on the day of your wedding second to NONE. Are there some tasks on here that maybe someone else would do if we weren’t there - sure - but we guarantee that a photographer would prefer to set up a photo behind the camera rather than fix hair and a train any day. And your planner? She wants to make sure that every event detail you’ve planned for months or YEARS is taken care of to a T!






Pre-Wedding Preparation


  1. We chat about tips up to two months out to help you prepare your bridal gown for the big day.

  2. We make undergarment recommendations.

  3. We review your Wedding Day timeline with you to ensure that you’re allowing enough time for fashion related happenings. It can take longer to get dressed than you might think!

  4. We will give you venue specific tips for great garment logistics - for example, if your ceremony space has a rough concrete floor and your veil is cathedral length, we will recommend an aisle runner to ensure the veil gracefully travels down the aisle behind you.

  5. We coordinate with your photographer, planner, and other essential wedding vendors ahead of time so roles are not duplicated or overstepped.

  6. We learn your bustle at your final alterations fitting so it’s done on your Wedding Day in no time flat.

  7. We store your dress in a space tall enough to help eliminate wrinkles between your final alterations fitting and the Wedding Day.

  8. We pack your dress for travel.

  9. We receive garments from your out of town guests who need to drop them ahead of time.

  10. We prep our kit with your specific garments, event logistics, and people in mind - including pre-threaded needles the colors of all of your garments so we’re ready for any fashion emergency on the fly.




Day of Garment Care


  1. We expertly steam your bridal gown, second look dress, bridesmaids dresses, Mom’s gown, Grandma’s gown, soon-to-be Mother-in-Law’s gown, and any other garments you want looking perfect on your big day. 

  2. We bring pretty personalized hang tags for everyone’s garments so accidental clothing swaps don’t happen.

  3. We safely snip tags, loose threads, and lingerie straps so nothing is poking out of place.

  4. We pre-check all garments and address issues ahead of dressing, such as loose hems or beading, tears, or stains.

  5. We organize all of your accessories and your second look and are responsible for getting them to the venue safely.

  6. We press the men’s shirts and steam or press your groom’s and groomsmen’s suits or tuxedos.

  7. We organize all of your groom’s accessories and are responsible for getting them to the venue safely.

  8. We clean and shine shoes.

  9. We’ll even bring an extra bridesmaid dress if someone steps up as a replacement bridesmaid last minute! {True story, this happened once at a wedding.}

  10. We’ll even hem that bridesmaid dress on site! {True story continued, we actually did this! And yes, it deserves it’s own way we make your big day stress free. It was the TALK of the wedding and we were honored to help this bride and her family not stress about this when the big day came.}



Garment & Accessory Detail Photography Styling

  1. We bring beautiful velvet and wooden hangers for Pinterest-worthy photos.

  2. We bring a garment rack to display your bridesmaids’ dresses in case the venue doesn’t have great place to photograph them together.

  3. We style your bridal gown on a mannequin for the most perfect “dress moment” photography and videography.

  4. We hold your dress in place while staying hidden, during dress photos if the wind or prop won’t cooperate.

  5. We help identify options for detail shots photo locations ahead of your photographer’s arrival.

  6. We make sure to get a memorial photo of your “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Sixpence in your Shoe.” We even bring the perfect “gown prop” if your dress is your “Something New.”

  7. We affix special ornaments on your bouquet prior to photos being taken - like a rosary or photo charm of a grandparent who has passed away.

  8. We gather all of your accessories and your bridesmaids’ accessories for your photographer for quick and easy shooting.

  9. We gather all of your groom’s accessories and your groomsmen’s accessories for your photographer, too.

  10. We stand at the ready to help your photographer with whatever they need to get that perfect shot - snip rogue flowers, bring ring boxes, hold items in place, you name it.



Bridal Party Dressing


  1. We help you get into your dress using techniques discussed with your seamstress at your final alterations fitting.

  2. We help your bridesmaids and VIP guests get into their dresses and ensure that they are worn properly. You won’t believe how many people don’t know how to wear the dress they chose!

  3. We bring extra fashion tape, petals, and boob tape to secure everyone in.

  4. We make sure that all of the accessories you and your bridesmaids planned to wear are worn.

  5. We make sure that accessories NOT planned to be worn are removed.

  6. We bring extra jewelry and accessories in case someone forgets something.

  7. We bring a penny for your shoe {see #6 in Garment & Accessory Detail Photography Styling}.

  8. We ensure you stick to your timeline throughout the dressing period.

  9. We make sure you and your bridesmaids have eaten.

  10. We make sure you and your people are all taken care of so your planner can take care of the event details, and your mom and bridesmaids can simply enjoy each other without their heads down in lists and constantly checking the time!



Groom’s Party Dressing


  1. We remind groomsmen of your grooming requests and bring shaving kits in case they need a touch up.

  2. We tie bow ties and fix collars.

  3. We put in cuff links and fold pocket squares.

  4. We troubleshoot when a shirt, pants, or jacket is missing.

  5. We bring extra cuff links, button covers, socks, a pocket square, silk lapel flower, suspenders, cummerbund, neck ties, and a bow tie - just in case. Someone always forgets something!

  6. We bring treats for your dog! {Chewy’s favorite - Milkbones.}

  7. We bring Static Guard and a lint roller.

  8. We pin boutonnières and bring extra pins just in case one needs more security.

  9. We ensure your groom’s party sticks to your timeline throughout the dressing period.

  10. We make sure your groom and his gentlemen have eaten.



Quick Fashion Emergency Solutions


  1. We bring the best stain remover in fancy occasion wear and work while you’re still moving.

  2. We bring blister guards for new shoes and heel protectors to keep from sinking into the grass.

  3. We fix hems coming undone and causing your bridal party to trip.

  4. We stitch rips in the seams of dresses and suits.

  5. We reattach buttons and straps.

  6. We rethread beading or stop it from continuing to unravel.

  7. We patch pants.

  8. We bring a shot of vodka and 5 hour energy just in case the mood needs a little change up!

  9. We temporarily fix dresses not altered properly.

  10. We bring ALL kinds of tape! Believe us - SOMETHING happens at EVERY wedding!


An Extra Pair of Hands


  1. We hold bouquets and veils, sometimes they’re in the shot, sometimes they’re not, sometimes you just want to hold your new husband’s hand at the moment.

  2. We carry your phone, purse, or other items you want at your side but just don’t have anywhere to put. Believe us, your bridesmaids don’t have any place to put these items either!

  3. We carry your train to minimize dirt and wrinkles pretty much everywhere you go.

  4. We cart bridal party personal items from location to location.

  5. We cart bouquets from location to location so they aren’t left behind or destroyed.

  6. We get beverages between photos for you and your bridal party.

  7. We get water for your photographer!

  8. We bring your snacks for everyone and stay cognizant of trash.

  9. We have a medical kit handy in case anything happens!

  10. We remind everyone of your timeline.



Couple, Bridal Party, and Family Portrait Styling 


  1. We get hair out of faces, reposition curls, and straighten hair pieces.

  2. We fluff and place your train and veil perfectly at your photographer’s instruction.

  3. We pay particular attention to your straps, sleeves, appliqués, and hem so nothing is laying incorrectly.

  4. We ensure ties are straight and collars are down.

  5. We remind you and your bridesmaids to drop your bouquets from in front of faces, groomsmen to keep their feet together, and everyone to roll their shoulders back and stand tall!

  6. We reposition bridesmaid skirts and pull down bunched up skirt linings, sleeves, and pant legs.

  7. We hold your veil or your dress for artistic photography, at your photographer’s instruction.

  8. We scan the space for trash and clutter - bottles, cups, dirt, etc. - we’ll make sure it’s as out of the shot as possible. We remind everyone to put drinks down for photos, too.

  9. We get people to move out of your background, so your photographer doesn't have to move or shout.

  10. We help coordinate family for photos and can work with separate families or sticky people situations.



Ceremony Preparation  


  1. We help you sit during downtime before your ceremony to minimize wrinkles in your dress.

  2. We remind you to and help you use the restroom.

  3. We resteam your dress if wrinkles are too prevalent.

  4. We place or replace your veil so it’s looking perfect for your aisle entrance.

  5. We reaffix accessories that are out of place.

  6. We get you a beverage (and then some water)!

  7. We provide tissues on command.

  8. We remind you and your aisle escort(s) to take a moment at the top of the aisle to take it all in.

  9. We fluff your gown and veil just before you walk down the aisle.

  10. We re-fluff your gown and veil when you reach the altar, if wanted, necessary, and space allows!






Reception & Post-Wedding Preparation


  1. We expertly bustle your gown in no time flat so you don’t miss any more time of your reception than necessary.

  2. We remove your veil and help with a {simple} hair style change.

  3. We swap your outfit, shoes, or accessories for a reception look.

  4. We allow your mom and bridesmaids to enjoy hosting the party or have fun without missing a minute.

  5. We remind you that your dress will get dirty that night, and that’s ok!

  6. We ship or carry your dress back from a destination wedding so you can go straight on your honeymoon without worry.

  7. We store your dress until you get back from your honeymoon.

  8. We coordinate bridal gown preservation with your loved ones so you don’t even have to think about it until it arrives back to you all perfectly boxed and ready for storage.

  9. We coordinate tuxedo rental returns.

  10. We send you tips up to two months after to help you preserve your bridal gown forever!




Sound like a service you can’t live without? We think so, too.