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My Favorite Travel Souvenir

OK, so it’s not my husband’s favorite thing to do {he likes to take BTS photos instead} - but I just LOVE taking professional pictures when we’re traveling. They’re always SO much better than the ones you get some stranger to take for you! :-)


A few years ago, I discovered Shoot My Travel, a travel app that connects you with photographers all over the WORLD, and our vacations haven’t been the same since. We’ve used this service on 3 continents ~ in Paris, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, and now, Tokyo. The photos are always top notch, but not too dramatic, and serve as the perfect souvenir from the trip.

So when we started to plan our Japan trip this Summer, I just KNEW that I needed to take photos in a dress that would compliment the sensory overload of Tokyo.

When I first saw this dress at the April 2019 Bridal Market in New York, I knew this was the one. It was cute, sparkly, and since it’s sequin - it wouldn’t have to be steamed after traveling all that way.


I worked with my Shoot My Travel photographer ahead of time to find the most-TOKYO-of spots to showcase my LOVE dress. We decided on Shibuya crossing, which over 1,000,000 people go through each day! It’s arguably the busiest crossing in the world. And the LOVE dress just couldn’t have been better. It fit right in with the quirky Japanese culture, caught the light in all the right places, and was so comfortable, too! I am so excited about how these photos turned out.


Update 5/26/2020 - this dress was sadly discontinued recently and our sample is available for purchase.