The Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Dress From Gilded Social

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We know there are a lot of options out there.

Here are the TOP TEN reasons why you should buy with Gilded Social!

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1.  With almost 1200 samples in stock, we have the largest designer selection in Central Ohio, including plus sizes.

If you’re somewhere between “I have no idea what I want” and “I want chiffon that can mix and match in a specific shade of blue,” we’re your place. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you to sift on your own!  We pay attention to your likes, and dislikes, to pull ideas from our 16 different lines to find that perfect look.

AND, we have a plus size sample in every line we carry, which means that more women can try our dresses on and feel comfortable in the designer's cut.


2.  We specialize in bridesmaids, mothers, flower girls, and fancy occasions. Every customer is important.

When a shop sells both bridal AND maids, it’s almost impossible to cater to everyone as much as they do to the bride.  It makes sense – she’s going to be their biggest sale!  Because we don’t carry bridal, everyone is equally important, including brides, her #gildedtribe, and her family. 


3.  We have access to styles, colors, and sizes the department stores and online retailers do not.

Big box retailers only order a select number of styles, in a handful of colors and sizes.  If they don’t have what you want in stock, you’re out of luck!  Made-to-order is our specialty, which ensures that if the designer manufactures it, we can order it – any style,1any color, any size.


4.  We are experts on every dress, so we’ll show you how to make it just right.

Some dresses have multiple options, and if you don’t work with these gowns every day, you could be missing out on the little-known modification that makes the dress perfect!  We also explain the alterations process, so you will know what to expect once the dress comes in.


5.  We make it simple for your entire party to order, even out-of-towners.

Your entire party’s order should be placed together so all the dresses are cut from the same dye lot and look identical.2  But, almost every party has someone who can’t make it into the store.  We make it easy with our web-based order form that is the exact same for both in-store and online ordering.  Plus we’ll consult with online customers on their size before ordering, too.

AND, we’re professional bridesmaid wranglers, so if you need us to help coordinate on your behalf, we will.


6.  Our prices are transparent.  AND, we only require 60% down.

Some stores mark their tag price above the designer’s price, just to discount it back down to get the sale.  Our prices are already marked the lowest the designers will allow.  You don’t have to haggle with us.  And, we’ll always let you know what promotions are running, so when we can save you money, we will!

AND, we only require a 60% deposit to place your order.  Try that at Nordstrom or online!


7.  Our policies are transparent.

There’s a lot that goes into purchasing made-to-order dresses. Good policies and procedures ensure the experience is smooth, fair, and easy.  However, that only matters if our customers understand them!  We strive to educate and communicate as much as possible. You’ll know exactly how it works every step of the way.


8.  We make the shopping experience a fun, relaxed, and comfortable event.

Part of the fun of wedding planning is all the extra excuses to get your best gals together.  Don’t resort to online shopping – make it an event in our gorgeous space!  Plus, deciding on a look is that much easier when you see the dresses on in person, even if they are samples.  


9.  We are your advocates, just in case.

It doesn’t happen often, but if something isn’t right, we will work with you to help determine what’s wrong and how to fix it.  No calling a customer service center only to speak with someone who can’t see the dress in person.  And most importantly, we know you!  We want to personally make sure you’re taken care of.


10.  Shopping local feels really good.

When you purchase from us, you’re supporting a woman-owned small local business, which creates a domino effect of economic impact throughout the community.  Thank you for investing in Columbus!



(1)  Occasionally, designers offer exclusive styles to other retailers.

(2)  Dye lots are typically only guaranteed for identical styles.