Understanding our standard order policies, terms and conditions

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Your purchase supports a small, woman-owned business in the heart of Columbus that strives every day to make the bridesmaid and fancy occasion dress shopping experience fun, relaxed, and unique.

Transparency is really important to us, and it helps our process go as smoothly as possible. As such, we want to make sure you understand the policies, terms and conditions regarding your dress order, so here are a few reminders. Let us know if you have ANY questions.

Review your dress order confirmation

Order Confirmation

Be on the lookout for an email from our Quickbooks system with all of your order details. Let us know within 24 hours if you have any changes.

The customer will receive an order confirmation via Quickbooks within 5 days of purchase.  It is the customer’s responsibility to review the order and notify Gilded Social within 24 hours of receipt if there are any errors or changes that need to be made prior to placing the order with the designer.  If we do not receive any notification that changes need to be made, the order will be considered ready to be placed with the designer.

Bridesmaid dress purchasing process

Payment & Fees

If you paid a deposit, be ready to pay your balance as soon as your dress arrives in the shop. We'll charge or contact you when she's on her way.

A deposit is required to place the garment order, which includes 60% of the total sale, sales tax, manufacturer’s freight surcharge, shipping & handling, length, sizing, and/or rush fees, if applicable.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and cash for deposits.  Ohio sales tax (7.5%, Franklin County) will be added for Ohio residents.  A manufacturer’s freight surcharge of $10 is added to every order.  Shipping & handling is $18.  Length, sizing, and rush fees vary by designer.  Gilded Social requires a credit card on file throughout the ordering and delivery process, even if the customer pays the balance in full at the time of purchase.  Credit card information is securely disposed of following the wedding/wear date.

If paying a deposit, the balance due will be charged to the credit card on file upon the arrival of the order to Gilded Social and prior to pick up/shipping.  Gilded Social will not contact the customer prior to charging balance due unless requested on this contract.  If the customer requests to be contacted prior to being charged or to pay the balance via emailed invoice, the customer must approve the charge or make a payment within 5 days. Payments made via emailed invoice are accepted via ACH only.  If the customer does not respond or make a payment accordingly, the credit card on file will be charged the balance due without notice.

No returns and standard Gilded Social policies

No Returns, Refunds or Exchanges

Dresses are made to order, so once you purchase the dress, it's yours - no matter what - even if the event or your participation in the event is canceled.

NO EXCEPTIONS.  Gilded Social maintains a special order status on all garments and accessories.  These items are FINAL SALE and cannot be returned to Gilded Social, the designer or manufacturer.  Regardless of when the order is to be placed with the designer, the customer cannot be refunded any monies for her purchase.  Once the order is placed with the designer, colors, sizes and style numbers cannot be changed.  Gilded Social is not responsible for canceled weddings or events.

Sample sale and Gilded Social marketing releases

Photo & Marketing Release

Since we communicate via email regarding your order, it's important that you are on our marketing lists throughout the order process.

The customer agrees to grant to Gilded Social and its authorized representatives permission to record on photography film and/or digital video, pictures of the customer’s participation.  The customer further agrees that any or all of the material photographed may be used, in any form, as part of any future publications, brochure, or other printed, digital, or social media materials used to promote Gilded Social, and further that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation.  The customer understands that her authorization is irrevocable. Occasionally, Gilded Social will send the customer marketing messages and/or materials.  Please notify Gilded Social to be removed from our marketing lists.

Dress fabric and color variance

Color Selection & Fabric

Swatches and samples should guide your color making decision, but they can vary slightly from the ultimate product due to differing dye lots. Some fabrics may have snags as part of their character - they're not defects!

Gilded Social is not responsible for dye lots on fabric swatches.  Swatches are given to us as a guideline for color however there are occurrences where the designer receives a different dye lot from their sourcing agent, and the color could vary slightly from the swatch seen in our swatch books.  Gilded Social is not responsible for colors the customer views online.  Computer monitors can skew colors greatly darker or lighter.

Several of our designers use various forms of natural silk, including shantungs and dupionis.  These fabrics may contain occasional slubs and gentle shading variances, which are characteristics that enhance the natural beauty of fine silk yarns, and in no way should be treated as defects.

Dress Size choice is YOUR decision

Sizing & Measurements

We will recommend a size for you according to the designer's size chart, but it's ultimately YOUR decision what size we order. We are not responsible for weight gain or loss, pregnancy or measurements not taken at our shop.

Gilded Social recommends a size based upon the customer’s measurements at the time of the order by referencing the designer's size chart.  We typically recommend the size associated with the largest measurement provided. We highly recommend that if the customer is between sizes, she choose the larger of the two to allow for a custom fit at the time of alterations.  The customer is ULTIMATELY responsible for the size ordered.  Gilded Social is not responsible for weight changes, pregnancy or changes in sizing during the process of ordering.  If the customer is not able to be measured in store, Gilded Social recommends that the customer be professionally measured by a reputable tailor.  Gilded Social is not responsible for measurements taken outside of our store or the ultimate fit of the garment ordered based upon these measurements.

Bridesmaid dress alterations


Dresses are cut according to the size chart, not to your measurements. Though we do not do alterations, we will help determine what you'll need during sizing.


Garments are cut according to the designer’s size chart not to the customer’s specific measurements, therefore, alterations are almost always necessary.  Gilded Social does not offer alteration services, but we are happy to make a recommendation.  We are not responsible for costs associated with making the garment fit appropriately or any alterations made after the customer receives the garment.

Gilded Social purchases all bridesmaid dresses for your bridal party at the same time

Dye Lot Guarantee

Dye lots vary, so in order to ensure all dresses look the same in the party, we group orders together when we submit them to the designer so they are cut from the same bolt of fabric. Your estimated ship date will be based upon the last order submitted.

If the customer’s order is part of a larger party, Gilded Social will hold the order until the entire party’s orders have been submitted.  This is to ensure the dye lot does not vary amongst all garments in given party, though dye lots are only guaranteed for identical styles.  That means that even if the first customer in a given group orders two months before the last customer orders in the given group, the first customer’s order will follow the same production schedule as the last customer’s order.

Bridesmaids dress production and timeline

Production Schedule

Once your order is placed with the designer, we'll share your estimated ship date. They're typically 12-14 weeks out, but delays can occur, so make sure that gives you enough time.

Gilded Social recommends ordering at least 5 - 6 months in advance of the wedding/wear date.  Production typically takes 12 - 14 weeks.  Once an order is placed, designers provide an ESTIMATED ship date, which we will share with the customer.  While many are accurate within a week or two, there are varying circumstances that can delay the garment’s arrival in store.  These include, but are not limited to: weekends, holidays, natural disasters and inclement weather, fabric availability from overseas, Chinese New Year, FedEx and UPS delivery.  After that, allow 5 - 7 business days for in-state shipping and 10 - 15 days for out-of-state shipping.  Gilded Social does not guarantee ship dates.  It is the customer’s responsibility to allow enough time to receive the garment in hand.

dress pick-up scheduling

Pick Up

We'll email when your dress has been released for pick up within 21 days. We suggest you pick up your own dress so we can address anything before the dress leaves the shop.

Gilded Social will notify the customer once the garment is ready for pick up. We do not release orders until the entire party has paid in full.  We highly recommend the customer allow time to try the garment on at pick up so that we can address any fit or garment issues before the garment leaves the store. As such, we schedule 15 minutes for pick up appointments to ensure that a stylist and a dressing room are available. The customer will be required to sign a waiver releasing Gilded Social of any responsibility regarding any issues with the order once the garment leaves the store.  Pick up must occur within 21 days unless prior special arrangements are agreed upon in writing.  Orders not picked up within 21 days become the property of Gilded Social, and no refund shall be given to the customer.  We highly recommend that the customer pick up her own order, however, we do allow surrogate pick ups if that's more convenient.  If someone other than the customer is picking up an order, the customer MUST fill out a pick up form beforehand authorizing the surrogate to pick up her order and sign her waiver releasing Gilded Social of any responsibility regarding any issues with the order once the garment leaves the store.

bridesmaid dress shipping policy


Make sure your dress is sent to a safe place where you will receive and open it immediately. Time is critical if we need to address anything.

Gilded Social ships via common carrier (in most cases via USPS and occasionally via FedEx).  We do not ship orders until the entire party has paid in full.  Our standard shipping service requires a signature upon delivery for the customer’s protection.  If the customer chooses to waive the signature option for greater convenience, she may do so, but it is not recommended.  Regardless, we are NOT responsible for any loss of or damage to the package.  If the package is returned to us for any reason, the customer will be charged another $18 shipping & handling fee.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Gilded Social is not responsible for customers who move and do not inform us of the new address.  The customer must open and inspect package contents within 3 days of receipt.

Bridesmaid dress sales are final

Final Sale


By submitting your order form, you agree to all of the stated terms & conditions in the contract.

All sales are final on the day this form is submitted, and there are no refunds regardless of circumstances.  I understand and agree with all the policies, terms and conditions stated in this contract.  I understand this form legally binds me to the paying in full for the merchandise listed above.

Thank you, again, for thinking of Gilded Social to outfit your fancy occasion!