In Case of Emergency Bridal Suite Box

Think about all the little things that could go WRONG on a wedding day...

Makeup stains on your dress, bad breath for your first look, a button pops off the groom's tux, someone's too hungover to smile.  It's no secret that many wedding planners carry around a full suitcase of last minute life saving items for JUST these situations.  But what if you don't have a wedding planner?!?

Everything you could need, we've included in our In Case of Emergency Bridal Suite Box!

To buy everything in this box yourself, you could spend $100s!  Don't spend $8 on a box of Pepto just on the OFF CHANCE you could need it!  We include just a little bit of everything in one affordable little box that is easily transportable and displays beautifully in your bridal suite during wedding day prep.

This box is a PERFECT bridal shower gift!

OR BRIDES - include this box in your wedding day budget and save yourself a small fortune!

Our $50 box includes:

  • Hair - Bobby Pins, Clear Hair Ties, Hair Spray

  • Nails - Nail File, Nail Polish Remover Wipe

  • Makeup - Lip Balm, Makeup Remover Wipes {not pictured}, Oil Blotting Sheets, Perfume Wipe

  • Toiletries - Baby Powder {not pictured}, Cotton Balls, Deodorant Wipe, Dental Floss, Hand Creme, Hand Sanitizer, Panty Liner, Q-tips, Tampon, Tissues

  • Medical - Alka-seltzer, Aspirin, Bandaids, Benadryl, Pedialyte, Pepto, TUMS

  • Fashion - Earring Backs, Dryer Sheets, Fashion Tape, Lint Roller, Safety Pins, Sewing Kit, SHOUT Wipe

  • Food & Drink - Mints, Sea Salt Chocolate Bar, Straws

  • Cure Alls - Clear Nail Polish, Super Glue

  • Event - Confetti Popper, Matches, Pen

Other items that you may request to have swapped for or included for an additional charge:

Consider your venue and what you may have access to on the day of!

  • Hair - Comb

  • Nails - Nail Clippers

  • Makeup - Clear Lipgloss, Little Mirror, Tweezers

  • Toiletries - Contact Solution, Eye Drops, Mouthwash, Sunscreen, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste

  • Medical - Alcohol Swabs, Bug Spray

  • Fashion - Chalk, Static Guard

  • Food & Drink - Protein Bars

  • Event - Double Sided Tape, iPhone Charger, Sharpee, Umbrella

Photos courtesy of Jenna Powers Photography